Stay or move loan to another lender
Stay or move loan to another lender

Deciding on whether to stay with your existing lender

There is no need to risk losing the family farm or small business by keeping a bank mortgage debt that’s not working well for you.

Reasons to switch lenders

Having choice  works well in most aspects of life and having choice in a bank debt makes a big difference to anyone's finances . Staying with your existing bank through tough times can eat away most of the original goodwill. Think of lenders restaurants or pubs. Have a good relationship with one and then move on before some incident in the relationship sours it completely.

How to move to a better lender

Borrow Better by checking out fresh banks to see which offers a bank mortgage loan to suit you best. Over-patronising one bank can damage your  finances because you often get taken for granted. Independent of any bank, GBAC bank debt consultants are not paid commission by the bank like brokers are, to deliver you to them. GBAC is completely independent and firmly on your side, seeking the bank debt that suits you best. GBAC combines its own family farming and small business experience, accounting, tax and economics qualifications, with a passion for fairness towards bank customers.

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